Saturday, October 6, 2007

MaKaela Turns 9!

Happy Birthday MaKaela!
MaKaela has been waiting anxiously for her birthday to arrive and finally it did! Despite the fact that her slacker Mother sent the invitations out only 3 days prior we had 10 girls out of 10 show up for MaKaela's pool/slumber party! Who made up that silly rule about giving a 2 week notice anyway! For me that is a sure fire way to guarantee I won't be there. After about 3 days my brain does an automatic purge of information to the recycle bin and unfortunately it can't distinguish between the useless and useful information I've stored.
Anyway, MaKaela was extremely excited to have all her friends there and they all seemed to have a great time.
We swam for only an hour because the pool is starting to get a bit chilly and everybody was freezing. We then came home and ate. Mutua had fixed some pizza, spring rolls and some little battered potato thingy and then we did cake and ice cream... oh and of course presents. Then they played outside, watched a movie and I then put them to bed. Which was easier said than done, but after getting one more pillow and one more blanket, shutting off ceiling fans, because "I'm too cold" and turning on lights, because "I can't sleep in the dark", opening doors and changing from one bed to another one last time, I think they fell asleep. Or else I did, I'm not sure.

And just in case you were wondering who made that SOCCER-IFIC CAKE...It was ME! with a little help from a friend (okay a lot of help) . Nevertheless, I'm extremely proud to say; I made the coolest-ever soccer cake! I'm sure you can't see it in the pictures but the grass frosting on top, actually looks like real grass. (But honestly, I'm not the boasting type).

All 11 girls posing with MaKaela and her amazing birthday cake! Is that a real soccer ball, it looks so life-like?

Oh wow, look at her blow out her candles on that fabulously decorated birthday cake!

You need a really special knife to cut such a special birthday cake, good thing we had one!


D&A said...

Wow! That soccer birthday cake is really special! I am so impressed with your cake decorating skills...they are almost as good as your humility skills. :) It must have been especially delicious too! Happy Birthday McKaela!

Anonymous said...

Unbeliveable!! I had no idea you were so good at that kind of thing!
Congratulations, you did a fabulous job. Did it come with a fire extinguisher to put out the fire in your head?? Just kidding,
Cool Cake! McKaela, I hope you had a blast. Dont forget to write it down in your journal, Happy Birthday! Love Rena

Leenz said...

Dang! Sorry I couldn't stick around for know, the whole flying back to states thing.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to sing Makaela happy brithday right when I saw the photos so I will sing it to her right now.Happy brithday to you happy brithday to you happy brithday to Makaela happy brithday to you!I wish I could see her right now I miss her so much I wish she could live here in UTAH.I also feel for you because I just had to bunnies die too,but we got another one named thumper he's abig fat meanie but I love him and he's aflopeared bunny and he's cute.I hopeyou guys are doing well in india.WE ALL MISS YOU GUYS! BYE

Anonymous said...

The singing happy birthday to Makaela and commiserating about the bunnies was from Darla. :) She sure does miss Makaela. Love-Audrey

Anonymous said...

I must admit that is one great cake- I'm surpirsed you didn't mention that!! Cindy

Cameron said...

Happy birthday, Makaela, Your cake looks great did you save me some. Did your mom make it? You are so lucky. I did'nt get a cake for my birthday.

Love jean